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Best Coworking Office Space and Business Centers in Chennai

ECowrkz is the perfect solution for someone looking for an affordable coworking space or business centers in the Porsche locality in Chennai. We provide ergonomically designed infrastructure and extraordinary amenities that cater to your needs. Our shared office space offers Dedicated Desks, Private Cabins and Meeting Rooms with high-end amenities such as High-Speed Wifi, 24*7 Access, Parking Space, Lounge Area, Printer access to all community events. 

Our shared office space is the best one for freelancers, startups and enterprises of all sizes.   

“A community that is engaged and working together can be a powerful force.” 

Because you’ll not get a coworking space or business center in the heart of the city of Chennai for a cheap price. Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional business center. We do not compromise on the quality of our service at the same time we are by far the best in providing coworking space for a budget-friendly price. We provide shared office space to all of the amenities both freelancers and business executives look for.

The notoriety of coworking space in Anna nagar can be credited to a few variables. First and foremost, the local’s focal area and all around associated transportation choices make it helpful for experts to get to. Furthermore, cooperating spaces offer a practical answer for organizations, disposing of the requirement for long haul leases and strong forthright expenses. The energetic climate of Anna Nagar with its stylish bistros, retail outlets, and sporting exercises additionally adds to the allure of coworking space in Anna nagar.

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What do we offer?


Cowrkz provides high-end security and uninterrupted connectivity for protecting your business needs.


Cowrkz provides biometric entry for you to have a seamless entry into our space.


Parking a vehicle in a safe place is such a hassle, well we offer a free parking space for your vehicle.


Cowrkz offers ultra-fast connectivity for all of your business needs.


Cowrkz offers the best amenities. Increase your productivity with us.


Book your meeting/conference room with us and experience the great ambience in Cowrkz.

Our Coworking Office Space Specification

FEATURES All Nighter Collaborative Dedicated
Collaborative desks for the all-nighters.
Collaborative desks for individuals and teams.
Private desks with meeting hall access.
Free Parking
High-Speed Internet with support
Dedicated Workspace
Relaxing Lounge Access
CCTV security access
Mail Handling
Meeting Room
Private Room

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“A comfortable place to work with great ambiance. Their uninterrupted power supply & wifi made working so easy.”



Cowrkz is truly the best affordable workspace in Chennai. It has the most peaceful, collaborative workspace with different people working together.


Make My Shoot

“This place helped me grow so much professionally. I was able to work at my own pace in a perfect comfortable office area.”



Excellent ambience and friendly co-occupants. Highly recommend this place to anyone who’s looking for coworking space in a porsche locality at  an affordable price.



Lots of high tech amenities available. You can use the free wifi and parking lot and many other perks.



Perfect place for anyone who wants to work in a serene environment. 


Graphic Designer

The best thing about Cowrkz is it is situated in a well-connected area. Management is wonderfully responsive. 



Dynamic place to work at. This place provides ergonomically sound infrastructure.



I loved working at Cowrkz. Will go there whenever I want to work in a calm and peaceful environment.



Wonderful coworking space in the heart of the city. Keep up the good work guys!!



 Friendly co-workers and management. You don’t want to miss the top-notch facilities available there. 



This place is an absolute delight. Staffs here are cordial. Would recommend it for anyone looking for coworking space at a nominal price. 


Digital Entrepreneur

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Coworking Office Space FAQ's

1. What is coworking?

A coworking space is a shared work environment where different companies, start-ups, freelancers, etc., work together. This shared office space offers the most creative environment for your professional growth.
A coworking space like ours is well equipped with all amenities like dedicated desk, Meeting rooms, High-speed Wi-fi, Power Backup, etc.

2. Is coworking a better alternative than traditional office space?

Coworking space is way better because most coworking spaces work around the clock which makes the timing too flexible. You can work at your own pace at our business center. Other benefits of a coworking space are affordability and a great opportunity to network with other professionals.

3. Do I have to pay extra for the utilizing conference rooms? Is GST included in the pricing?

Whatever is included in your plan, will be yours without a question. We maintain a relationship of trust with all coworkers and we will never charge you extra for any amenities. The internet facility, power backup, electricity, GST and other taxes are all included in the reasonable price you’ll pay according to your plan.

4. Is there an initial deposit that I should pay?

To maintain a liable work relationship, we require you to pay two-months rent as a deposit which will be returned to you when you’re moving out. This deposit is a safe and secure one-time payment which will be refunded at our business center.

5. What is the minimum period for each plan?

As part of the Cowrkz community, you are expected to stay for a minimum of three months, irrespective of the plan you choose. A notice period of 2 months is a must, in case you want to leave.

6. Is the coworking space accessible all the time?

Like most coworking spaces, we always have creative people working throughout the day and the night. You can access the space anytime you want and work at your own pace. That’s the benefit of coworking! If you are a night-owl who gets the spark of creativity and enthusiasm to work at nights, we completely welcome it. We have a cheaper plan called the “All Nighter” designed just for you. Choose your perfect plan to work at a comfortable time.

7. Do you have high-speed wifi or LAN?

We know how stressing it is to lose your hours’ worth of work because of weak or disrupted internet connection. That’s why we provide you with an uninterrupted Wifi facility at our shared office space. You can use it limitlessly for all your work needs.

8. Do you have CCTVs? Who will have access to it?

Your safety and security of documents are all that matters. We do have CCTVs installed and a biometric system to access the door at our business center. The access to CCTV will be given to coworkers with Collaborative Plans and higher.

9. Can I access the conference room for my business meetings?

Of course, you can. Our coworking space encourages professional meetups and communication. The access to the conference room is included in all our plans and you can access it anytime. Let us know prior to the meeting to avoid overlapping with another meeting at the same time.

10. Can I move out within a month after I joined?

No. You can’t move out within a month after you join. A notice period of 2 months is required before moving out. Your initial deposit payment will be refunded only by the end of that two-months notice period at our Business center.

11. Can I switch from one plan to another?

You most definitely can. We, at Cowrkz, the best shared office space, always try to make your work experience more convenient and economically beneficial. You can always upgrade your plans according to your needs.


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