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7 Reasons Why You Should Implement Co-working With Cowrkz

Gone are the days when people liked to work in a suffocating cubicle. Currently, the young, vibrant millennials and gen z are madly inclined to co-working space that caters to their demand. Co-working space is going to become the norm for professionals in the forthcoming times and worth its hype! 

This culture enables you to network and collaborate with other subject matter experts within and out of your industry. That being said, you should consider co-working with Cowrkz. Here’s why 

Cowrkz is a co-working space located in the Porsche locality of Chennai with an ample amount of modern amenities that meet your expectations. It is suitable for all kinds of people working from small business owners, freelancers to startups, enterprises, and even corporates.

I bet you‘ll not come across a cost-effective co-working space like this in the heart of the city.

1. High-end security monitoring

Worry not. Your safety is our first priority! We have 24*7 surveillance to keep you up on your toes. This enables you to monitor all your confidential business resources and be watchful of your belongings. This improves the overall productivity in the work environment as they are aware of the fact that they are monitored. 

Minor thefts like stealing stationeries from the working arena and major ones like disclosure of the company’s proprietary information, invasion of outsiders without proper prior notice can be reduced to a great extent.

2. Biometric access

Have uninterrupted entry to the working space here by having access to the biometric authentication and verification. You can choose your timings to use the space based on your convenience and requirements.

3. Free parking space

You need not panic about not being able to park your vehicle in the parking lot. There is a provision to park your vehicle in a safe place. You can leave your vehicle as long as you want. That too for free of cost. Yes, you heard that right!

4. High-speed internet connectivity

Gain access to an uninterrupted high-speed internet connection and end-to-end business requirements. Apart from that, you can utilize the printers available in our working space.

5. Meeting/conference rooms availability

In case of discussion of your business plans, you can use the conference rooms that we have. You can choose the meeting rooms depending upon the number of people involved and other related factors. Make use of the ergonomically designed infrastructures available at our co-working space.

6. Calming ambience

You can be more productive since it possesses distraction-free space and conducive to anybody who loves to work in a relaxing realm. On the whole, it sparks creativity and let’s keep the creative juices flowing.

7. Culturally inclusive environment

Safe arena to work at for everyone, especially women! You’ll be surprised by the hospitality you receive here. Our coworking space will make you feel at home. Since our space is situated right in the heart of the city you’ll find eateries in and around the proximity. 

You can also dive in for a quick snack with yourself, if not colleagues. The well-populated vicinity is another added advantage to why you should choose Cowrkz among the other coworking spaces in Chennai.

Looking for a cost effective working space in a well connected area? Get in touch with us. Mail us at or Call us at +91 97100 79798