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7 Unknown Benefits Of Co-Working Spaces In Cowrkz

The past decade saw the rise of coworking spaces in India. As a result, several players entered the market to cash in on the impending boom that coworking spaces brought in its wake.

One among the many players was Cowrkz from Chennai. Since its inception, what made it different from its peers was its offer of plush coworking spaces in a prime locality in Chennai, at affordable rates. Today, it has emerged as among the leading names in coworking spaces in Chennai, and an ideal choice for freelancers, startups, and enterprises of all sizes.

It offers ergonomically designed infrastructure and extraordinary amenities, with all the benefits for a traditional workspace, without the need to rent a space.

7 Unknown Benefits

Here are 7 unknown benefits of coworking spaces in Cowrkz.


First and foremost, Cowrkz is extremely budget-friendly and cost-efficient. This makes it an ideal choice for freelancers, consultants, independent professionals, and start-ups.

You also get the benefit of built-in amenities like a dedicated workspace, front desk, cleaning staff, internet connectivity, etc. This will help eliminate the overheads that otherwise come with having an independent office or opening an office.

Further, you also get the space you need with a flexible agreement. This will allow you to scale at your own pace, sans the pressure or rigidness that comes with leasing traditional spaces. This means you can get the flexibility to grow and flourish.

Flexible Leasing / Payment Options

Cowrkz offers flexible leasing and payment options. They will not only be easy on your pocket but will also be comfortable to work in the long run despite hassles. 

You get the benefit of multiple leasing plans. This means you can opt for any choice of your liking, from a monthly basis to a daily basis or even a few hours basis. Add to this, you also have the option to make your changes if you either feel bored or do not like it.

This way, Cowrkz accommodates the differing needs of a diverse spectrum of customers from start-ups to organizations and individuals.

Flexible Working Hours

Cowrkz supports flexible working hours and ensures a congenial setting to make it comfortable. This makes it ideal for professionals who do not like to work in an office setting working hours.  

By working on their own time and at a pace they like, such professionals will feel productive and be able to deliver better output. They also get the freedom to set their schedules as per their liking.

With its spacious layout and stimulating setting in a convenient location, Cowrkz further makes working more fun and enjoyable. This helps improve productivity and generate the needed momentum to sustain the process.

Vantage Location

With Cowrkz, you get a coworking space in the heart of Chennai for a cheap price that will not inflate your budget. You will also get to enjoy all of the benefits of a traditional workspace without having to rent a space.  

You can access it conveniently from all parts of Chennai which helps save time and money. It is well-served by a robust public transportation system, and a good network of quality connectivity approaches. For those who bring their vehicles, there is a convenient parking lot where they can park their vehicles. 

Convenient Amenities

Cowrkz is equipped with all of the needed amenities and ensures the highest standards of hygiene and maintenance. It not only provides basic amenities like tea/coffee but can also arrange for in-house catering services or deliveries from restaurants that serve working lunch.

There is a convenient lounge area where you can chill out or make yourself relaxed at your own cost. Arrangements can also be made for those who like to sit and chat having snacks.

For those who love to work at a fast clip without the worries of an internet breakdown, there is ultra-fast internet connectivity well-supplemented by a powerful stabilizer and power backup. A high-end printer is also available to take care of all the printing needs. 

Apart from amenities, Cowrkz also provides a meeting/conference room with all the features and amenities allied with the ambiance needed for a smooth and successful meeting.

Robust Security

Every step is taken to ensure the safety and security of everyone within the confines of Cowrkz. All those who enter the confines of Cowrkz have to pass through a biometric check process to gain seamless entry.

There is a 24/7 CCTV camera network that oversees the security of Cowrkz’s working area and ensures high-end security with uninterrupted connectivity. This will not only protect your business needs but will also safeguard your privacy and well-being.

Congenial Setting And Atmosphere

With its unique layout and eco-friendly setting, Cowrkz offers a high-tech and friendly working environment that is amenable for working people. This will ensure an office setting where everyone is working positively on out-of-the-box solutions.

Such a setting will also give rise to creativity and innovation, facilitating the exchange of ideas, concepts, and knowledge amongst like-minded people. It also helps in igniting the ingenuity that lies dormant within a working person. 

Cowrkz is accessible all the time, that is, open 24/7, 365 days a year. As a result, it attracts creative people who love working through the day and night. They will also have the advantage of accessing their spaces anytime they want and working at their own pace. To facilitate the hassle-free working of such people, Cowrkz offers a cheaper plan called the “All Nighter”.


As the concept of coworking spaces evolves and grows, more unique ideas may germinate and evolve to provide better standards of service and quality. Cowrkz will be at the forefront in tune with the latest trends. 

This will continue to make it a worthy space to work for those who love to work at their own pace and network with like-minded people.