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Do you want to know about the enabled workspace that Cowrkz provides?

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically altered the very nature of work. Its impact has been such that organizations have been compelled to rethink their idea of conventional workplaces. 

A recent industry report has revealed that around 30% of all office space will be flexible by 2030, and large corporates will fuel much demand for such spaces. The future of real estate will be a spectrum of flexible spaces.

Market experts believe that the heightened need for remote working, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and fully-managed office services will compel large companies to re-examine their real estate needs. This is where a managed office space will become the need of the hour. Managed office spaces offer safety assured custom-made workspace solutions as per the needs of businesses with value-added services and a host of amenities. They will also be more structured in terms of space and lease commitments. 



Having an office in a prime and strategic location will lift your business profile and image several notches up. They also ensure that your business gets the traction it needs to grow and flourish. 

Cowrkz managed office spaces are located in the best parts of the city that occupy a strategic and vantage position on the city’s map. They offer the presence of big companies; provide access to good markets; and guarantee excellent transport connectivity.


To function professionally and successfully, businesses need proper workspaces, well-supplemented with professional support. This is what rented managed office spaces offer. Such offices provide professional support in a way that will uplift the business’ professional image.

Cowrkz offers managed office spaces with excellent professional support. When you rent a Cowrkz managed office space, you are assured of professional IT support like high-speed internet connectivity backed by the best amenities like printers, etc. There is also a meeting/conference room that can be booked for conducting meetings with clients and partners. Additionally, there is housekeeping support that takes care of maintenance without any additional overhead expenses. You can enjoy all facilities and assistance under the same package.


Selecting a managed office space will allow you to have the whole space for your business. There will be no disturbances or chatter which normally is the norm with shared office spaces. Simply put, your business will get to enjoy total privacy and confidentiality. Daily activities and business meetings will function normally and smoothly. The whole working environment will be professional.

Cowrkz managed office spaces are ideal for businesses that require high security, safety, and confidentiality, with utmost privacy.


For hassle-free work, it is important to have a secure and safe environment. This will allow employees to keep their minds fresh, sharp, and perform their best.

Cowrkz managed offices spaces provide 24/7 CCTV camera which assures high-end security and uninterrupted connectivity; a biometric facility for secure and seamless entry into the managed office space; and free parking which will allow vehicles to be parked in a safe place, sans any worries


The amenities offered by Cowrkz managed office spaces on a monthly rent basis are a big deal. It will ensure that you get everything under one roof. There will be no need to buy anything which means you will get to save money and time.

This will leave you free to focus on your work and the growth of your business. As a result, you will be able to better scale your business in ways that would not be possible in your own or rented office space.

With companies giving preference to increased speed-to-market and greater business agility, the trend has shifted to a tailor-made solution like managed office space.

A managed office space allows the tenant total control over the layout, interiors, décor, and workplace environment. They are also customized and offer everything that organizations want their offices to be. Most importantly, they are completely managed by the space provider till the end of the lease.

Leading managed office space provider in Chennai, Cowrkz offers affordable managed office spaces with ergonomically designed infrastructure and amenities.

They are suitable for enterprises of all sizes, with all the benefits of a traditional workspace sans having to rent a space. In a way, they make the process of back to the offices easier.


Finding an affordable office space in a prime location that can accommodate the entire staff can be a taxing chore. 

If your business is looking for an office space that assures flexibility, privacy, safety, and a hassle-free work environment, a managed office space like Cowrkz is an ideal choice. It is cost-effective as it avoids long-term lease agreements and facilitates new market reach. It will also allow your business to focus on its core aspects, and run it more efficiently and successfully.